About Me


Has any marketer ever simply taken an entry level job in marketing (5 years experience required) and kept going and going?


I certainly have not! Why take the easy route?


I've always had an entrepreneurial streak and have taken this into every job I've ever had. Which means sidehacks and creative projects, alongside jobs that allow me to creatively problem solve.


Sales, new biz and marketing are my key areas! 

Learning the Ropes

Following uni a Sales Director took a punt on me and I found a way to partner up with experienced professionals to learn the trade and make commission in the short term as a bonus. Since then I've always been fascinated by how, where and why companies achieve commercial results.


It was during my time at TSG that I really developed my love of learning as a result of that curiosity. Something that now consumes a lot of my personal time, but has had a huge part to play in every role I've ever been hired for.


If you want to talk shop, I am interested in:


  • marketing

  • business and entrepreneurship

  • psychology

  • life stories

  • creativity

  • documentaries

  • online communities (Facebook groups mainly)

  • journalism

  • comedy

  • cartooning and animation

  • video

  • sales

Communicating isn't something that comes naturally to me at all. I am hard of hearing and that has always had an impact on me. My parents were told I would not have "a normal life" and would need adult care.


This continued until a freak plane accident un-popped something and I could hear! Albeit not fully!


It took time with a specialist school and then additional support for 6 or 7 years but things improved. I started to merge with the crowd and enter the mainstream.


As a father of a 4yo girl I now work part time which allows me to take care of health issues within my family. Even before the pandemic this also meant I was lucky enough to be able to move to part time work. Allowing me to split my time between parenthood and work. Initially only working 3 days per week but now I'm up to 3.5.

Being a father has opened up whole new worlds for me. It has also re-introduced me to many interests that I've let wane over the years.


  • playing football

  • drawing and art

  • creating stories

Even her interest in exotic animals has drawn me back to my childhood and the zoo I would go to with my grandma as a young kid.


What Next?


This portfolio is designed to keep a record of my ever-changing history and to allow myself and others to draw on inspiring things from our pasts. I hope this little introduction to me has helped you get to know me a little better and do get in touch if you'd like to catch up or want to discuss ideas.

I fully intend to use this as a platform to promote my past work and share lessons learned. I also intend to share projects that I am working on, giving the inside scoop on how things develop as I build them over time.